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Blitzed: how the Nazi’s conquest of Europe got a chemical boost
The Australian
July 1, 2017
“I demand that you do not sleep for at least three days and nights if that is required,” General Heinz Guderian is said to have told the thousands of German troops who had massed to cross the Meuse river and push into Belgium and France in 1940.

Richard Wagner’s chorus of racial hatred
The Australian
May 13, 2017
Richard Wagner: the name ignites animated debate ranging from anger to angst. The arguments about his musical genius collide with his virulent racism and the fact he was ardently embraced by Adolf Hitler.

Greek tragedy and tales of heroism during Holocaust remembrance
The Australian
March 18, 2017
At 11.30am tomorrow, Yiannis Boutaris will lead a march through Thessaloniki. Sporting tattoos on his arms and a tiny diamond earring, the fiercely independent mayor of Greece’s second largest city brazenly wore a symbolic yellow star — which the Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Holocaust — to protest against the election of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn members to his city council.

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