Tamara Smith accused of trivialising Holocaust with US-Nazi Facebook meme

Tamara Smith accused of trivialising Holocaust with US-Nazi Facebook meme


June 29, 2018 12:00am

A GREENS MP has been ­accused of trivialising the Holocaust by spreading an “appalling” meme comparing the US to Nazi Germany.

Tamara Smith has been told to go back to her history books after posting a bizarre and offensive picture juxtaposing the US under Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler’s evil regime.

A meme on the official Facebook page of Greens MP Tamara Smith.

The meme, which purports to show the children of illegal immigrants being detained by US authorities while their parents’ cases are processed, compares the youngsters to concentration camp victims huddling ­behind barbed wire in a Nazi death camp.

The Ballina MP was forced into an embarrassing backdown yesterday and deleted the image after she was questioned by The Daily Telegraph — but did not apologise.

The image had been on Ms Smith’s official Greens MP Facebook page for five days.

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies chief executive Vic Alhadeff condemned the post.

Greens member for Ballina Tamara Smith. Picture: Glenn Hunt

“Whatever concerns one might have for the plight of child refugees in the US, the analogy that Tamara Smith draws with what occurred in Nazi Germany is beyond outrageous,” he said.

“The vast majority of the people whom Nazi Germany placed behind barbed wire were destined to be murdered.

“Comparing that to today’s child refugee crisis shows an appalling lack of judgment (and) an egregious lack of understanding of what the Holocaust was.”

Locals were also offended by the meme, with one questioning the legitimacy of the photo purporting to show America.

Ms Smith snapped back in a Facebook comment: “It’s a metaphor!”

Members of the public comment on the meme.

And the MP was slammed by voters for doing nothing in her electorate.

“Another thoughtless meme … the bottom pic looks like well fed and dressed kids on ice (in) a Ballina lockup what are you going to do something as the local member to fix this local problem … instead of reposting butterflies and volcanoes erupting and blaming it on global warming,” one local wrote.

Ms Smith told The Daily Telegraph “there was no ­intention to offend Holocaust victims” as the post was “dir­ected at the atrocious and ­appalling behaviour of the Trump administration and its detention of children”.

NSW Labor’s Walt Secord, a patron of the Labor Israel Action Committee, said the post was “sickening and rep­ulsive”.

“Using the death of six million Jewish people … is one of the most repugnant and vile posts by a NSW parliamentarian I’ve seen in years,” Mr Secord said.