Connecting in New York

Board of Deputies Community Relations & Policy Manager Lynda Ben-Menashe recently spent two weeks gathering resources and making connections in New York, based at the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York (JCRC-NY). As well as observing and participating in projects and meetings at the JCRC-NY, she visited and held meetings with:
American Jewish World Service
Westchester Jewish Council
NY African Leaders Council
Coalition of East New York Haitian and Caribbean pastors
IDC Herzliya Argov Fellows
Facing History and Ourselves team
Bronx Undoing Racism group
Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom
92nd St and Washington Heights Y
Kenes Tours (who arrange non-Jewish Israel study tours)
Jewish Community Relations Council of Long Island
US Holocaust Memorial Museum
National Museum of African American History and Culture
Museum of the Chinese in America
Washington Bureau of the Jewish Telegraphic Service

Lynda has previously brought back programs from the JCRC-NY and adapted them locally, including the successful ‘We Are All Sydney’ community leadership program, which attracted federal funding. As a result of her latest visit, the Board of Deputies is developing a new schools program ‘YouthBridge Sydney’ and ‘Women of Diversity’, modelled on New York’s ‘Women in Faith’.

Lynda with Karen Lander, Coordinator of the JCRC-NY’s YouthBridge schoools program, which will be piloted in Sydney this year.

Lynda with Rabbi Bob Kaplan (left) and some of the 14 African-American pastors who were having a follow-up meeting after their recent JCRC-NY study tour of Israel.

Lynda with Mindy Perlmutter, Executive Directory of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Long Island, at a session of ‘We Are All Long Island’.

Lynda visited the Museum of the Chinese in America in response to a request for assistance from Sydney Chinese leaders who are planning the establishment of a similar museum in Australia.

Lynda with the Director and Deputy Director of the Long Island African American Council, both participants in the JCRC-NY’s ‘We Are All Long Island’ community leadership program.

Lynda arranged for fellows from the IDC Herzliya’s Argov public diplomacy program to hear from the JCRC-NY’s Rabbi Bob Kaplan about the benefits of coalition-building. She is pictured with program director Alisa Peled.