Remembering the 850,000 Jews forced out of Arab countries

Approximately 200 people attended this second annual event at the Sydney Jewish museum which focused on the Farhud – the pogrom against the Jewish community in Baghdad, Iraq in June 1941. Survivors of the pogrom and their descendants attended the event along with other members of the Sydney Mizrahi community and friends from the Coptic, Assyrian and Aboriginal communities and representatives from the Uniting Church and Sydney Alliance.

The keynote address was delivered by academic Dr Celia Romm Livermore and Julie Lippmann gave a personal testimony of the Farhud.

A moving video of Elisha (Marvin) Cohen was played, detailing the tragedies and brutal treatment his family suffered living in Iraq under the Baath Party and Saddam Hussein.

During the event, Sydney Jewish Museum CEO Norman Seligman, announced they would provide space for an permanent exhibition for the Australian Middle Eastern Jewish community as part of the museum’s expansion program.