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Haifa Day commemorations in Parramatta

Members of the Jewish and Indian communities marked the liberation of Haifa during WWI at Parramatta & District Synagogue. The event was co-hosted by the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies and the Hindu Council of Australia. Special guests included Member for Parramatta Julie Owens MP and Member for Strathfield Jodi McKay MP. Guests were treated to traditional Indian and Israeli dance performances and a video of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic visit to Israel in July, before enjoying afternoon tea in the synagogue courtyard.

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Rona Tranby Australian Light Horse Centenary Project

“The battlefields at Beersheba may be distant, but the deeds committed there remain close to the heart of our nation”. – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

A pilgrimage to honour the contributions of Indigenous Light Horse soldiers during WWI will be undertaken by their descendants in late October when they travel to Beersheva, Israel to participate in the centenary commemorations of the 1917 Light Horse charge.

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‘They risked their lives: Poles who saved Jews during the Holocaust’

Eleonora Golen from Jaslo in Poland (pictured below) hid a 10 year old Jewish girl in 1942. At the end of that year, when the German authorities ransacked her house, they shot the girl and imprisoned Eleonora for a month. On January 5th 1943 Eleonora was put up against the prison wall in Jaslo and shot. It was a ‘show’ execution, warning others not to hide Jews.

This is just one of the heart wrenching stories conveyed by the exhibition: They Risked Their Lives – Poles who saved Jews during the Holocaust.

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Inaugural JBD Bus Tour of Jewish Sydney

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies’ inaugural Bus Tour of Jewish Sydney gave an historic, demographic and geographic overview of our community.

Forty three people from the Aboriginal, Australian South Sea Islander, African-American, Ethiopian, Indian, Assyrian, Greek, Syrian, Iraqi, Afghani, Armenian and Anglo communities (including Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Mandaeans, Christian Scientists, atheists and others) enjoyed a day of visiting Jewish institutions including Newtown Synagogue, The Sydney Jewish Museum, The Great Synagogue and Emanuel Synagogue, in addition to driving past Moriah College and the site of the old Bankstown Synagogue. Photography by Mark Zworenstine

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Theatre review: Kindertransport

A harrowing aspect of the Holocaust which does not attract the attention that it might was the focus of a powerful play which has come to an end at the Eternity Theatre in Darlinghurst.

Kindertransport conveys the painstaking decision by thousands of Jewish parents to send their children to England from mainland Europe to escape the Holocaust. About 10,000 children were sent as part of what became known as the Kindertransport – saving them from certain death at the hands of the Nazis, but inevitably causing untold and often-undocumented anguish, for parents and children alike.

Directed by Sandie Eldrige, the play skilfully interweaves the traumatic experiences of a nine-year-old child who is despatched to England with her later narrative after she is adopted by an English family and grows up and goes on to have a daughter of her own. The subsequent interplay between the nightmares of her enforced separation from her parents and her angst-filled present is poignantly and movingly captured, with the minimalistic stage props imaginatively alternating between train and home. A superb piece of theatre, well worth seeing the next time it comes your way.   – Vic Alhadeff


Second annual Women of Diversity Dinner

“Let us,
Snap the stereotypes of,
The “perfect woman,”
The “perfect leader.”
Leave these fictions of
Unattainable ideals
On the bookshelf and,
Give me something real to read like,
She failed, yet she got back up
She lost everything, only to gain it back.
She struggled to cope, yet she found peace.
She had little, yet cared for others’ needs.
Let us,
Break the headlines once again,
Because great women
Are not new news.
And some of the greatest women
I know, aren’t even on the news.”

Excerpt from slam poem written and performed by Ethiopian-Australian Ruth Fessaha (pictured above), at the second annual Women of Diversity Dinner.

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